This is a short introductory email I wrote for an artisanal soap maker who was looking for Bed and Breakfast clients. The goal of the email was to get cold prospects (actually suspects, to use the correct term) to raise their hand and ask for further contact. I’ve included here because it was a fun unique email, I thought the juxtaposition of Pepperidge Farm cake and artisanal soap was a good way of underscoring the uniqueness of the product, and most importantly, from what I was told by the owner, it worked very well.


SUBJECT: Are You Serving Your Guests Pepperidge Farm Cake?

Email Text:

Dear Innkeeper,

Picture this- you’re having dinner at a Five Star restaurant. Every detail, from the elegant linens, to the sparkling stemware and table settings, to the waiter’s crisp starched shirt, is impeccable. The meal is one of the finest you’ve ever had- a feast for the ages! And then comes dessert- a small portion of a defrosted Pepperidge Farm layer cake. Even if the rest of the dinner was a one-in-a-lifetime event, that little hunk of cake is going to change your view of the evening, and not in a positive way.

Now, let me stress,  there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Pepperidge Farm cakes- I’ve served more than my share to my family and friends over the years. But when you want to leave a lasting memory, you want something a bit more special than that.

As the owner of a Bed and Breakfast, you know how important every detail is in making sure your guests have a time they’ll never forget. From the décor, to the bedsheets- every little thing is a chance to add to that wonderful memory. So, what type of soap are you using? When your guests sink into a relaxing bath, what type of soap are they finding next to the tub? Are you leaving a new bar of Ivory Soap or something similar? Could it be that in your own way, you may be inadvertently serving your guests a slice of Pepperidge Farm cake?

My name is XXXXX, and I’m the proud owner of “XXXXXX”, an artisanal soap company. At “XXXXX”, we only sell handmade all natural soap- every bar sold is handcrafted from only natural ingredients. This means every item we sell contains no detergents, no sulfates, is one-of-a-kind, and every bit as unique as each experience at your B & B. “XXXXXX” come in a variety of styles and scents, and can even be specially packaged with your logo and contact information.

I would like to send you a sample of one of my soaps, but I wanted to get permission first. Would it be ok if I send you a small sample in the mail, no obligation? If you like what you see, we can talk. If you’re not delighted with my sample, we part friends. Fair enough?

Let me know where to send your free sample of my “XXXXXX”.

Thank you for your time!


Owner, XXXXX Company